Contreras announces run for Pct. 4 seat

Randy Keck

The Community News

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Willow Park City Council member Eric Contreras announced his candidacy for Parker County Commissioner Pct. 4 on Sept. 13. Contreras will run for the nomination in the 2022 Republican primary. The Republican nominee is typically the de facto winner of the race since Democrats seldom run for county offices. “I’m truly blessed to live in a wonderful community and I want to continue to serve as I can for our community,” Contreras told The Community News. “I’ve been on City Council. We’ve done lots of great things for the City of Willow Park, and I’m looking forward to being the next county commissioner representing Precinct Four, giving us a different viewpoint in the commissioners court.”

“As a Parker County commissioner, I will be fighting everyday for the conservative values that make our county great,” Contreras said in a press release. “I am a limited-government, constitutional conservative. I believe you know how to make decisions for you and your family better than the government. I am pro-freedom, pro-business, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Texas and pro-America. And I will never forget that I work for you, the people of Parker County.”

Contreras said he wants to work with the local cities in Pct. 4 to address the growth the area is experiencing. “One of the things that I’m looking forward to doing is working with the cities within the county, really talking with them, understanding their needs. And then we can also have the dialogue as far as they can understand the county’s needs. Then we can look at what we can do together that would be best for not only the county, but also all the cities and see what kind of long-term strategies we can do that are going to be best for the folks of our community,” Contreras said. “If the county’s planning one thing, and each individual city’s planning another thing, we’re not working together, and really we need to work together because at the end the day if we all work together on a lot of these long-term goals that we all have — infrastructure, transportation — we can solve these problems and we can build a great future for all of us.”

According to the press release, Contreras’ platform includes:

• Saving the taxpayers’ money by making local government more efficient and more effective;

• Reimagining infrastructure plans to adequately support our growing area, while maintaining a sense of local community;

• Creating and promoting a safe, healthy and vibrant community;

• Working with neighboring cities and counties on long term strategies which benefit everyone;

• Having an open-door policy and always listening to the citizens of Parker County. Contreras has worked for the last 15 years in the railroad industry as the sales and marketing team leader. He is a 2004 graduate of Texas Christian University. His wife, Jaclyn Williams Contreras, is the Managing Partner at Roger Williams Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Weatherford. They live in Parker County with their young daughter, Clara.

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